Renting Overseas
Friday, November 3rd 2017 11:36 am

What if buying a home internationally sounds appealing to you, but you are unsure if you would like living out of the United States?
Perhaps, renting a home for a bit of time is this answer.

According to the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), the most popular destination for overseas tourists is Europe. Analysts from Tranio, an overseas property broker, noted that Athens, Porthos, Madrid, Dublin and Lisbon are the top most profitable locations to buy property for lease.Of those top five, Athens is considered to be the least expensive and the most economical.Today, with the help of the internet, leasing property abroad is as easy as one, two three.

In many countries, short term rentals are becoming hard to come by, as local authorities are trying to put an end to it. Barcelona is a tough market to lease property in, while in Greece the market is much less complicated.

Make sure that you check the restrictions in the country that you are looking to stay in. Investigate the management property that is in charge of the property by speaking with some of their current clients and see what they have to say. Understand the documents, down payment arrangements and have an attorney ready and on hand, just in case.

As always, if you do your homework ahead of time, it could save you trouble in the end.