Top 10 Best Places to Live Abroad in 2018
Friday, January 12th 2018 7:28 am

Everyone dreams of living in some exotic place overseas, but few ever make their dreams a reality. "Live and Invest Overseas" has just released the Top 10 Best Places to live well for a small cost in 2018. According to Kathleen Peddicord, publisher of "Live and Invest Overseas", each of the following places made this list for the reasons mentioned below.

1. Lisbon, Portugal
Coming in at number one is Lisbon. "This is a very pleasant place to be and our top pick." Peddicord describes Lisbon as a "noble and elegant city" full of "awe-inspiring landmarks that were constructed during the Golden Age of Discovery."

Lisbon is noted to offer the lowest cost of living in Western Europe. It is possible to live there on a budget as little as $1,300 a month, including rent, food and more.

2. Cali, Colombia
Cali comes in at number 2 due to the low rental rates. "For so long the world has been too afraid to spend time or money here," states Peddicord. This is what has made Cali, a city of 2.5 million inhabitants in Colombia's Valle del Cauca, a great deal. The climate in Cali is perfect. At an altitude of 3,300 ft, the afternoons can be hot but the sunset breeze cools everything down making the mornings a perfect time to be outside. A couple can live in Cali for as low as $987 a month, this includes rent. You can buy a three-bedroom, two-bath apartment for as little as $45,100.

3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, comes in at number 3 on the list. "The structures at the heart of this old town are classic Spanish colonial but simpler, statelier and somehow more refined than their counterparts across the region," says Peddicord. The Dominican Republic has one of the easiest residency and naturalization programs. "The country is rolling out the welcome mat for anyone interested in living here full time," says Peddicord. A couple can expect to spend about $1,450 a month to live here, including rent and food.

4. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Number 4 is the fishing village of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. "This is a small town of expats from all over the world working together to create the life they all came in search of," says Peddicord. "They're opening businesses, indulging artistic interests, planning community events and inviting each other over for beach barbecues." Peddicord goes on to say, "If your dream of a new life overseas is all about soft white sand, lapping azure sea and swaying palm fronds, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, should be at the top of your Im-going-to-go-have-a-look list."

5. Saint-Chinian, France
Although it is believed that France can be quite an expensive place to reside,a south of France alternative is Saint-Chinian, which Peddicord describes as a "quintessential French country village where everyday life is like something out of Disneys Beauty and the Beast.

"Sitting on a hill in Saint-Chinian (a very pleasant thing to do, by the way) you can think you are in the middle of nowhere," says Peddicord. "But, in fact, Spain is near enough that you can pop over for dinner and Paris is just three hours away by TGV." A couple will spend about $1,628 on rent and living expenses.

6. Abruzzo, Italy
Number 6, Abruzzo, is said to be "Italys best-kept secret." According to Peddicord, it's the richest region in this part of Italy and it's also a place where "small, historic towns are working hard to attract investment to save their historically significant but nearly deserted streets."
"Abruzzo has everything Tuscany offers and more at a fraction the cost," says Peddicord. A couple could live here comfortably on $1,400 per month or less, including rent.

7. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Number 7 is Slovenia, a Central European country. "Ljubljana is a modern city with all the amenities of 21st-century living that manages to retain a small-town charm," says Peddicord. "Local farmers bring their produce to market in wooden carts each day." Peddicord says that a penny-pinching couple could live in Ljubljana for as little as $1,059 a month.

8. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Number 8 is the little beach town on Mexicos Riviera Maya known as "Playa" by the locals. "Expats make up 7% of its total population," says Peddicord. "In the 1990s the population was growing so rapidly that Playa was the fastest growing city in Mexico, and growth has continued strong in the 2000s."

"Playas population is incredibly eclectic for such a small town," says Peddicord. "From young couples to retired couples, from families to groups of students, it seems to appeal everyone alike. Its also a welcoming destination for the LGBT community, with several gay bars around town."

"When it comes to day-to-day living, you'd have no trouble finding anything youd want or need," says Peddicord. A couple could spend well under $2,000 per month, including rent, utilities and transportation.

9. Bali, Indonesia
"Bali enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world," says Peddicord. "Multi-tiered Balinese temples adorn even the smallest villages. The locals are unfailingly friendly and some of the most serene and pleasant people you are likely to find anywhere." On Bali, a couple can live well for about $1,671 a month.

10. Da Nang, Vietnam
"Were it not for the skyscrapers, bridges, malls, endless stream of motorbikes and the whir of air conditioners, todays Da Nang could easily be 1960s Da Nang," she says. A nice lifestyle will cost a couple $1,175 a month or less. Plus, it's a place with "economy on fire, led by forward-thinking executives, many educated overseas, with an entrepreneurial spirit unparalleled in the region," says Peddicord.

There you have it, the top 10 best places to live overseas in 2018. Of course, you may want to plan a nice vacation to one of these places first. Happy traveling!